Apple Kills Off ‘The Macbook’, Leaving Only Air And Pro

Apple Kills Off ‘The Macbook’, Leaving Only Air And Pro

Apple has killed off its MacBook, leaving only the Air and Pro in its line-up.

The 12-inch computer was first introduced in 2015, as Apple’s lightest and thinnest computer ever. It went through a number of updates since, but has been largely neglected for the last two years, not receiving any updates while the rest of Apple’s laptop line-up was refreshed.

Now Apple has discontinued the computer, removing it from sale at the same time as announcing new updates for both the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro.

The MacBook has long been one of Apple’s most famous brands. It came into existence in 2006, with the famous polycarbonate model that would go on to become a fan favourite, and it was discontinued in 2012.

Apple then revived the name for its tiny computer in 2015, bringing it back with an entirely new look. It was re-introduced as the thinnest and lightest of Apple’s computers, with some arguing the branding was confusing given that the MacBook Air was no longer the smallest in the company’s line-up.

It brought with it a variety of updates that would eventually make their way across the MacBook line: from adding new colours such as rose gold to dropping many of the ports in favour of USB-C. But it also included Apple’s new butterfly keyboards, which are now on every MacBook and have received intense criticism from users, with rumours suggesting they could soon be killed off too.

The MacBook is far from the first of Apple’s legacy and well-known brands to be discontinued this year. Just last month, it announced that it would be doing away with iTunes, and splitting its functions into a set of new and separate apps focused on music, podcasts and TV.

As it got rid of the MacBook, Apple also killed off the old version of the MacBook Air, which had been on sale for years and remained a cheap way of getting an Apple computer but had a variety of old components.

Apple appears to now see the MacBook Air as the entry-level computer that will replace the thin and small MacBook. As it announced the death of the MacBook model, it reduced the price of the Air to $1,099, apparently to ensure its place as the cheapest of Apple’s computers.