Police are accused of brutality after video of them hitting a man while ‘arresting him for parking on a single yellow line leaving him needing hospital treatment’ is widely shared online

Police are accused of brutality after video of them hitting a man while ‘arresting him for parking on a single yellow line leaving him needing hospital treatment’ is widely shared online

The police watchdog is now looking into a forcible arrest which sparked accusations of brutality last night, when videos showed officers hitting a man arrested for parking on a single yellow line on an east London street.

In the footage the two officers can be seen struggling with the man on a street in Tower Hamlets on Tuesday afternoon, while a third brings his hand, which is holding a pair of solid metal handcuffs, down on the head of the man, drawing blood.

The Metropolitan Police have referred the incident to the a professional standards unit and the Independent Office for Police Conduct has said it looking into the matter.

The incident began when the man parked his car on a single yellow line and an officer told him he was ‘obstructing the highway’ and could be arrested.

It was alleged the man – who was thought to be with his wife and two children – was told by officers he was not allowed to park there, but he responded he had a blue badge and was allowed to park there.

However officers disagreed and attempted to arrest him, leading to a protracted struggle, which left the man needing hospital treatment.

In the video, the man is prone on the floor with an officers shouting ‘release your arm’, as they attempt to restrain him.

The man, dressed in a navy blue jacket, shouts ‘what for?’, as an officer attempts to handcuff him.

A woman standing close-by, who social media users have said is his wife, begins to scream ‘he’s dying, he’s dying’, and grabs one of the officers.

In the footage another officer turns up as the man shouts ‘I have done nothing’, and then begins to scream.

An officer, while holding his handcuffs, then strikes the man in the stomach as he lays on the floor.

He continues to struggle as his wife implores ‘don’t sit on him, don’t sit on him.’

In another video the officers continue to try and restrain the man as people gather to watch.

One man tells officers the prone individual ‘has a condition’ and ‘is having a fit.’

The officers then get off the man, who lays flat out on his back, and an officer urges the crowd of people back, saying ‘the man is having a seizure.’

An comes into the clip holding a first aid kit, the man is then thought to have been taken to hospital.

His condition at the moment is unknown.

Social media users were divided on what was happening in the video, with some people saying it was police brutality while others thought the man should not have been resisting arrest.

One user said: ‘Watched the whole thing some guy resisting arrest.. there’s no police assaulting him just restraining him while he fights it.

‘Don’t be so dramatic. If you think otherwise time stamp it, there no handcuffs as knuckle dusters… quit trying to stir.’

And another said: ‘Hitting someone with handcuffs is totally unacceptable and evidently an unreasonable and inappropriate way of the right ‘to use of force’.

‘Sadly, public recordings don’t always show the reason behind the arrest in the first place or the bigger picture.’

While another said: ‘This is how people end up dead but police claim they are merely doing their job.

‘Hiding behind their badge and nursing their injured pride when someone disagrees with them. Use brutality to show who’s boss.’

A spokesman for the police said: ‘The Metropolitan Police Service is aware of footage circulating on social media of officers arresting a man on Abbott Road in Tower Hamlets on the afternoon of Tuesday, 9 July.

‘The officers concerned recorded the incident themselves via their Body Worn Video cameras. ‘The footage will be reviewed by senior officers.

‘At this time, we are not aware of any complaint in respect of this matter.’